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Shenzhen Weijian Optoelectronic Display Co., Ltd.

Company Address: Weijian Science Park, No.7, Jintai Road, Shiyan Town, Bao'an District, Shenzhen, China

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Weijian Technology has a management team composed of senior industry technical experts, marketing experts and management experts who are dedicated, constantly forging ahead, innovating, and have many years of experience in development, production, operation and management.

LED display domestic sales
Job Requirements
Description of job:
1. Familiar with office software such as OFFICE;
2. Have good communication skills, good image quality;
3. Responsibility, strong sense of teamwork, and strong execution;

4. Acceptable graduates.

1. College diploma, marketing and accounting are preferred.
2. Women, aged under 30 years old.
3, cheerful personality, good communication skills, good image quality.
4, sales assistant experience is preferred;
5. Applicants must adhere to the principle of territoriality, that is, the application area should be its main place of residence (including the household registration and the future planned living area), not for public reason, the company generally

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You are welcome to join Wei Jian Optoelectronics. You can submit your resume online or send it by email.          
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