About Us

Human resources concept

Employees are the only assets that can add value and are the most important assets. It is also the company’s social responsibility to rely on employees to create good products and services for their customers while providing employees with a good development environment, helping employees grow, and promoting employee success.

Wei Jian Culture

We do not have any scarce resources to rely on. Only hard work can win the respect and trust of our customers. Struggle is reflected in any small activity that creates value for the customer, as well as the efforts to enrich themselves in the preparation of labor. We insist on taking the struggler as the basis, so that the struggler can get a reasonable return.

Core Values - Integrity, Strictness, Responsibility

Integrity: Honesty, credit, sincerity, consistent words and deeds, consistent expression, real commitment. Rigorous: serious attitude, careful thinking, attention to detail, the pursuit of perfection. Responsibilities: According to the procedural standards to operate, according to the requirements of the job, according to the provisions of the implementation of the system, have the courage to bear, do not shirk.

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