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2018-03-12 16:53:50

In recent years, with the increasing maturity of LED display technology, display screens based on LED small-pitch displays are gradually becoming a new trend for the rapid growth of the entire industry. Especially in the LED industry in the recent period of the overall weakened market environment, the overall performance of the LED display market highlights.

At present, the small-pitch and stage rental display has gradually become a new blue ocean for LED display manufacturers. In 2017, under the highly competitive situation of LED display peers, Mingxinguang, a well-known LED display company, will gradually introduce more small pitch and stage rental screens to meet the needs of its strong technical strength and perfect after-sales service. Changing LED market demand.

With the further increase in product prices, the advantages of Weijian LED small-pitch displays are becoming more apparent, and the application fields will be further expanded. Currently, commercial applications such as media, advertising, and cinema have been fully implemented. It is expected that by the next year, the LED small-pitch display market will be close to 10 billion yuan, and will maintain a growth rate of over 70% in the next few years.

In the field of small LED spacing, Ming Xinguang can be regarded as a successor. Since the introduction of the small-pitch product at the beginning, Mingxinguang has emerged in the small-pitch market with excellent product performance and a good customer experience. Today, the small-pitch series has become the strength type product of Mingxinguang.

The newly introduced small-pitch display in 2016 attracted a lot of industry customers. It is understood that the biggest highlight of this product is that it realizes whether it is a module, or power supply, control card, wire, can be uninstalled before loading. In addition, it also uses a new wireless connection design, while improving the indoor LED small pitch display cleanliness, aesthetics, effect play at the same time, but also greatly reduces the risk of failure, improve maintenance efficiency. It is reported that after the launch of this product, Wei Jian LED has received the favor of friends at home and abroad, including old customers and new customers. At the same time, Wei Jian LED is also actively deployed in the high-end rental market.

In 2017, Weijian LED intends to continue its efforts in the LED small pitch display and rental market. According to relevant sources, your company's product department has recently issued a series of new product launch directives, mainly targeting the LED small-pitch display and stage rental display products market, will develop more features to maintain more convenient and more efficient small-pitch products and Leasing products that are more in line with the characteristics of the domestic market. I believe this display will be more popular with the majority of users.

13 years of wind and rain, walking forward. From 2004 to 2017, Wei Jian LED will usher in another new year in its corporate history. In the future, Weijian LED will continue to lead the LED display industry with its excellent product and after-sales service LED display market. Believe that even if it is to become the leader of the LED display that is also coming to an end, the difference is just a time only.

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