High-density and small-pitch LED electronic display is the future trend

2018-03-12 16:59:11

As the pitch of the high-density and small-pitch LED electronic display is getting smaller and smaller, the display capability becomes stronger and stronger, and the indicators have progressed, the concept and products of the LED super TV have been extended. Conversely, LED super TVs are not only high-density, small-pitch LED electronic displays, but they are clearly superior in performance. Their targets are directed at the traditional indoor large-screen market.

The concept stock of LED super TV has been buzzed up, and several major listed companies pushing LED super TV have gained more market attention.

At present, LED super-TVs still need to be improved in terms of low brightness, high refresh rate and high grayscale and other technical indicators, and price factors are also a major factor constraining their development. In the future, LED super TVs, if they really want to enter the consumer field like LED backlight TVs, are tantamount to a revolutionary subversion, and it is almost impossible to truly move into the civilian appliance market.

LED electronic display, whether in the indoor or outdoor, has its own certain advantages, environmental protection, energy saving is the basic trend of future products, the indoor display market needs the development of pixel density technology in order to show their skills in the indoor, future TV stations , monitoring conferences and other occasions will be more small-pitch display applications. Display devices have always been mainstream products in the market.

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